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Report of the Benchmark Workshop on Roundfish (WKROUND)

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posted on 2023-01-18, 12:21 authored by ICESICES

The WKROUND 2010 Benchmark Workshop was held at ICES Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark from 9–16 February 2010. The Workshop was chaired by Richard Methot (USA) with ICES Coordinator Einar Hjörleifsson (Iceland) and involved 26 participants representing 10 nations. The primary objectives of the Workshop were to compile and evaluate data sources and select appropriate assessment models to include in updated Stock Annexes for five stocks: Northeast Arctic saithe, Icelandic saithe, Faroes saithe, northern hake and southern hake. Benchmark workshops are designed to consider stocks under their jurisdiction on a rotational basis, with each stock being analysed in a 3–5-year cycle. The Stock Annexes are the most important product of this process, with each annex containing all relevant information that the benchmark workshop participants have identified as current best practice assessment inputs and models, providing sufficient detail to ensure that future assessment scientists can readily replicate assessments without the need to have been previously involved in such assessments. The Report also details the analyses undertaken during the Benchmark Workshop to inform the Stock Annexes. 

This Report consists of the Benchmark Workshop Report and the Stock Annex for each stock in turn, followed by general recommendations arising from the plenary sessions of the Workshop, and four annexes containing supplementary information. The species‐specific benchmark reports are split into specified sections dealing with data sources, data quality, environmental and ecosystem issues, stock assessment methods, forecasts, biological reference points, recommended modifications to the stock annex, recommendations on the procedure for assessment updates and recommendations for future work. Sections on industry‐supplied data are also included where appropriate. The species‐specific Stock Annexes follow the standard ICES format. 

The Benchmark was completed and corresponding Stock Annexes were updated for all five stocks. In each case, a preferred assessment model configuration was identified. For two stocks, northern hake and southern hake, new assessment methods were introduced to utilize size composition data after tagging studies invalidated previously utilized age data. Issues requiring further work were identified for all stocks and included in the Benchmark Report.

General recommendations covered a wide range of topics including: evaluation of proxies for Fmsy, use of preliminary workshops to better prepare assessments for benchmark workshops, development of integrated survey indices from a spatial mosaic of individual surveys, and possible approaches to getting more consideration of environmental factors in stock assessments.


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9–16 February 2010; Copenhagen, Denmark

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ICES. 2010. Report of the Benchmark Workshop on Roundfish (WKROUND), 9–16 February 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark. ICES CM 2010/ACOM:36. 183 pp.

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