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posted on 2022-07-08, 12:41 authored by ICESICES

The meeting of the SCICOM Operational Group, ICES Data and Information Group (DIG), is convened to progress and finalize ongoing actions to support all data related work at ICES. Four key areas were progressed during the 2022 meeting: Guidelines on reference management best practices, Data profiling tool, ShinyApp hosting and Data preservation plan. A total of 15 ongoing actions for intersessional work in the group is planned for next year.
A new workflow on reference management best practices has been developed intersessionally and has been operational from May 2022. In addition, a guideline document on reference management best practices is in preparation and will be presented to the intersessional DIG meeting in October 2022.
The Data profiling Tool (DPT), which is a tool for gathering information about ad hoc datasets and visualisations, went through a thorough testing period for the Ecosystem overview for the Celtic Seas from late 2021 to spring 2022 and an updated version is now available for general use. The Data Profiling Tool has given ICES an easy way to start the dialogue between data users and the ICES Data Centre when it comes to data and services, and DIG recommends that the DPT is used on a broad scale within ICES, especially when new datasets or services emerge.
Hosting of externally developed services/visualisations has been on the agenda of DIG for some time, and with the emergence in the community of R Shiny visualisations the development of a guidance document on hosting of ShinyApp services is being developed. The guidance document takes into account the fact that hosting of services should follow agreed upon review process so as not to interfere with ICES’s role as a trusted provider of science-based advice.
A Data Preservation Plan for ICES is being developed and will be put forward to the 2023 SCICOM September meeting. The data preservation plan will bring together and describe information about the whole lifecycle for datasets being managed by the ICES Data Centre in a single document.


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