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Report of the Dialogue Meeting, 18 September 1981

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posted on 1982-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

1. The meeting was chaired by the President of ICES, Professor G. Hempel, who briefly summarized the discussions and presentations made at the Dialogue Meetings on 20-21 May 1980 and 4 October 1980 (Cooperative Research Report No. 106), and referred to Cooperative Research Report No. 62 (Report of the ad hoc Meeting on the Provision of Advice on the Biological Basis for Fisheries Management). 

2. The Chairman reminded the audience that it has been generally agreed that the Dialogue Meetings have been useful, and the October 1980 Meeting requested ICES to continue for the time being to invite to such meetings. It had also been felt desirable if at the third meeting the management representatives provided, as a feed-back, specific comments on the regulation objectives which were implicitor directly stated in the reports of ACFM. This task had been facilitated by ACFM spelling out the objectives it has accepted as the basis of its advice and the policy it advocates in order to reach them, in a separate section of its report. 

3. The Chairman then outlined problems, which he suggested should be further discussed at the present meeting and these were agreed by the participants. A list of participants is given in Annex 1.


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