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Report of the Horse Mackerel Exchange Workshop 2006

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posted on 2022-11-11, 10:53 authored by Loes J. Bolle, Pablo Abaunza, Caroline Albrecht, H. J. A. Dijkman Dulkes, Clara Duenas, Gudrun Gentschouw, Helga Gill, Ana Moreira, Eugene Mullis, Inaki Rico, Simon Rijs, Turloch Smith, Aage ThaarupAage Thaarup, Jens Ulleweit

Following a recommendation from PGCCDBS, a workshop on age calibration of horse mackerel was carried out. The workshop was preceded by an exchange. The objectives were:

a. In general, improve the quality of horse mackerel readings by international calibration.

b. In particular, attempt to resolve the observed differences between countries.

c. Estimate the accuracy and precision of the age readings before and after the intercalibration.

d. Take into account differences between areas and methods.

e. Training of new horse mackerel readers.

Eight experienced readers participated in the exchange, 7 of which also participated in the workshop. Five trainees participated in the workshop, only one of them also participated in the exchange. All countries providing age reading data to the WGMHSA were represented in both the exchange and the workshop by an experienced reader.



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