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Report of the ICES 14C primary production intercomparison exercise, Hirtshals, Denmark. June 1987.

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Following Council Resolution 1986/2: 34, an International Exercise for comparing results obtained using the 14C Incorporation Method of measuring primary production was carried out during 1987 under ICES regie. The exercise was coordinated and organised by the Danish members of the Working Group on Primary Production (K. Richardson, G. Ærrtebjerg Nielsen and L.M. Jensen) and was divided into two parts.

In the first part, 2 types of filters onto which a known concentration of 14C containing phytoplankton had been filtered were distributed to 24 laboratories from 14 countries with instructions to determine the amount of 14C associated with the filters using the normal procedures employed by each laboratory. At the same time, data from a "typical" North Sea station were circulated and the participants asked to calculate primary production using their own calculation procedures. In this manner, it was possible to compare the counting and calculation procedures specific to the individual laboratories prior to the comparison of experimental procedures which was carried out during the field exercises (Pa.rt II) of the Intercomparison. These field exercises were conducted in Hirtshals, Denmark onboard the R. V. Dana (Danish Fisheries Ministry) and in the North Sea Center Laboratories of the Danish Institute for Fisheries and Marine Research from 1-6 June 1987.

A list of laboratories participating in the Exercise is presented in Table 1. In order to participate, laboratories were asked to announce intent prior to 1 February 1987. Advertisement of the Intercomparison Workshop was made by word of mouth through ICES Delegates and Members of the Working Group. It should be noted, however, that a number of laboratories have, subsequent to the Intercomparison, expressed disappointment that they were not aware of the exercise and, thus, unable to participate. Organisers of future intercomparison studies carried out within ICES may want to consider more active advertisement of planned activities.



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