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Report of the ICES Advisory Committee on Fishery Management and Advisory Committee on Ecosystems, 2004. Book 2, Part 1

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Book 2, Part 1


4.1 Stocks in the Northeast Arctic (Subareas I and II) 2-1

4.1.1 Cod in Subareas I and II 2-1

4.1.1.a Northeast Arctic cod 2-1

4.1.1.b Norwegian coastal cod 2-12

4.1.2 Northeast Arctic haddock (Subareas I and II) 2-18

4.1.3 Northeast Arctic saithe (Subareas I and II) 2-27

4.1.4 Redfish in Subareas I and II 2-35

4.1.4.a Sebastes mentella in Subareas I and II 2-35

4.1.4.b Sebastes marinus in Subareas I and II 2-45

4.1.5 Greenland halibut in Subareas I and II 2-53

4.1.6 Barents Sea capelin (Subareas I and II, excluding Division IIa west of 5ºW) 2-62

4.1.7 Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Subareas I (Barents Sea) and in II (Norwegian Sea) 2-68

4.2 Stocks in North-Western Areas (Division Va and Subareas XII and XIV) 2-73

4.2.1 Cod 2-73

4.2.1.a Greenland cod (ICES Subarea XIV and NAFO Subarea 1) 2-73

4.2.1.b Icelandic cod (Division Va) 2-79

4.2.2 Icelandic haddock (Division Va) 2-90

4.2.3 Icelandic saithe (Division Va) 2-101

4.2.4 Greenland halibut in Subareas V and XIV 2-108

4.2.5 Redfish in subareas V, VI, XII and XIV 2-119

4.2.5.a Introduction to Redfish complex 2-119

4.2.5.b Sebastes marinus in Subareas V, VI, XII and XIV 2-123

4.2.5.c Deep-sea Sebastes mentella on the continental shelf in Subareas V, VI and XIV 2-130

4.2.5.d Pelagic fishery for Sebastes mentella in the Irminger Sea 2-139

4.2.6 Icelandic summer-spawning herring (Division Va) 2-151

4.2.7 Capelin in the Iceland-East Greenland-Jan Mayen area (Subareas V and XIV and Division IIa west of 5ºW) 2-157

4.3 Demersal stocks at the Faroe Islands (Division Vb) 2-162

4.3.1 Cod 2-162

4.3.1.a Faroe Plateau cod (Subdivision Vb1) 2-162

4.3.1.b Faroe Bank cod (Subdivision Vb2) 2-170

4.3.2 Faroe haddock (Division Vb) 2-176

4.3.3 Faroe saithe (Division Vb) 2-185

4.4 North Sea (Subarea IV), Skagerrak and Kattegat (Division IIIa) and the Eastern Channel (Division VIId) 2-192

4.4.1 Cod in the Kattegat 2-192

4.4.1.a Cod in Subarea IV (North Sea), Division VIId (Eastern English Channel) and Division IIIa (Skagerrak) 2-200

4.4.2 Haddock in Subarea IV (North Sea) and Division IIIa (Skagerrak Kattegat) 2-216

4.4.3.a Whiting in Division IIIa (Skagerrak Kattegat) 2-228

4.4.3.b Whiting in Subarea IV (North Sea) and Division VIId (Eastern Channel) 2-231

4.4.4.a Plaice in Division IIIa (Skagerrak Kattegat) 2-240

4.4.4.b Plaice in Subarea IV (North Sea) 2-248

4.4.4.c Plaice in Division VIId (Eastern Channel) 2-264

4.4.5.a Sole in Division IIIa 2-273

4.4.5.b Sole in Subarea IV (North Sea) 2-281

4.4.5.c Sole in division VIId (Eastern Channel) 2-291

4.4.6 Saithe in Subarea IV (North Sea) Division IIIa (Skagerrak) and Subarea VI (West of Scotland and Rockall) 2-300

4.4.7 Nephrops in Division IIIa (Skagerrak and Kattegat) and IV (North Sea) 2-312

4.4.8.a Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Division IIIa and Division IVa East (Skagerrak and Norwegian Deeps) 2-313

4.4.8.b Shrimp (Pandalus borealis) in Division IVa (Fladen Ground) 2-319

4.4.8.c Pandalus in Farn Deeps (Division IVb) 2-321


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