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Report of the ICES Advisory Committee on Fishery Management and Advisory Committee on Ecosystems, 2004. Book 2, Part 2

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Book 2 - Part 2

4.4.9.a Herring in Subdivisions 22-24 and Division IIIa (spring spawners) 2.322

4.4.9.b Herring in Subarea IV, Division VIId and Division IIIa (autumn spawners) 2-330

4.4.10.a Sprat in Division IIIa 2-343

4.4.10.b Sprat in the North Sea (Subarea IV) 2-347

4.4.11 Mackerel (North Sea component) 2-351

4.4.12 North Sea horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) (Division IIIa (eastern part), Divisions IVb,c, VIId) 2-351

4.4.13 Norway pout in Subarea IV (North Sea and Division IIIa (Skagerrak Kattegat) 2-356

4.4.14 Sandeel 2-365

4.4.14.a Sandeel in Division IIIa (Skagerrak Kattegat) 2-365

4.4.14.b Sandeel in Subarea IV 2-366

4.4.14.c Sandeel in the Shetland area 2-378

4.4.15 Atlantic Sea Bass 2-380

4.5 Stocks in Subarea VI (West of Scotland) 2-394

4.5.1 Cod 2-394

4.5.1.a Cod in Division VIa (West of Scotland) 2-394

4.5.1.b Cod in Division Vib (Rockall) 2-403

4.5.2 Haddock 2-404

4.5.2.a Haddock in Division VIa (West of Scotland) 2-404

4.5.2.b Haddock in Division VIb (Rockall) 2-412

4.5.3 Whiting 2-416

4.5.3.a Whiting in Division VIa (West of Scotland) 2-416

4.5.3.b Whiting in Division VIb (Rockall) 2-422

4.5.4 Saithe in Subarea VI (West of Scotland and Rockall) 2-423

4.5.5 Megrim in subarea VI (West of Scotland and Rockall) 2-424

4.5.6 Anglerfish in Division IIIa (Kattegat and Skagerrak), Subarea IV (North Sea) and Subarea VI (West of Scotland and Rockall) (Lophius piscatorius and Lophius budegassa 2-428

4.5.7 Herring West of Scotland 2-436

4.5.7.a Herring in Division VIa (North) 2-436

4.5.7.b Clyde herring (Division VIa) 2-443

4.5.8 Norway pout in Division VIa (West of Scotland) 2-447

4.5.9 Sandeel in Division VIa 2-449

4.6 Stocks in the Irish Sea (Division VIIa) Stocks in the Celtic Sea (Divisions VIIf-k), Western Channel (Division VIIe) and northern parts of the Bay of Biscay (Divisions VIIIa,b-d, and e) 2-451

4.6.1.a Cod in Division VIIa (Irish Sea) 2-451

4.6.1.b Cod in Divisions VIIe-k 2.461

4.6.2.a Haddock in Division VIIa (Irish Sea) 2-472

4.6.2.b Haddock in Divisions VIIb-k 2-480

4.6.3.a Whiting in Division VIIa (Irish Sea) 2-488

4.6.3.b Whiting in Divisions VIIe-k 2-493

4.6.4.a Place in Division VIIa (Irish Sea) 2-502

4.6.4.b Celtic Sea plaice (Divisions VIIf and g) 2-510

4.6.4.c Plaice in Division VIIe (Western Channel) 2-519

4.6.4.d Plaice Southwest of Ireland (Division VIIh-k) 2-528

4.6.4.e Plaice West of Ireland (Division VIIb,c) 2-531

4.6.5.a Sole in Division VIIa (Irish Sea) 2-533

4.6.5.b Sole in Divisions VIIf and g (Celtic Sea) 2-541

4.6.5.c Sole in Division VIIe (Western Channel) 2-551

4.6.5.d Sole in Divisions VIIIa,b (Bay of Biscay) 2-563

4.6.5.e Sole Southwest of Ireland (Division VIIh-k) 2-573

4.6.5.f Sole West of Ireland (Division VIIb,c) 2-576

4.6.6.a Irish Sea herring (Division VIIa) 2-579

4.6.6.b Celtic Sea and Division VIIj herring 2-584

4.6.6.c Herring in Divisions VIa (South) and VIIb,c 2-593

4.6.8 Sprat in divisions VIId,e 2-598

4.6.9 Megrim (L. whiffiagonis) in Divisions VIIc-k and VIIIa,b,d 2-601

4.6.10 Anglerfish in Divisions VIIb-k and VIIIa,b (L. piscatorius and L. budegassa) 2-610


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