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Report of the ICES Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment, 1994

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posted on 1994-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

The ICES Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment (ACME) met in Copenhagen from 25 to 31 May 1994, preceded on 24 May by a joint meeting with the ICES Advisory Committee on Fishery Management (ACFM). Based on this joint meeting, preliminary scientific criteria have been prepared for the establishment of undisturbed areas in the North Sea for scientific purposes. Advice on this topic was requested by the European Commission as a result of the declaration from the Intermediate Ministerial Meeting (Copenhagen, 7 - 8 December 1993), and based on the outcome of the North Sea Quality Status Report 1993. The Joint ACFM/ACME Report has been published as ICES Cooperative Research Report No. 203. The present report contains advice deriving from the deliberations during the 1994 ACME meeting, based on questions posed to ICES by the regulatory Commissions, specifically the Oslo and Paris Commissions and the Helsinki Commission, as well as other issues considered relevant by the ACME.


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ICES. 1994. Report of the ICES Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment, 1994 . ICES Cooperative Research Report, Vol. 204. 130 pp.