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Report of the ICES/PICES Workshop on Phase 1: Modelling Effects of Climate Change on Fish and Fisheries (WKSICCME1)

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posted on 2017-01-19, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The ICES-PICES Strategic Initiative (Section) on Climate Change Impacts on Marine Eco-systems (SICCME) convened a 1-day Workshop on Phase 1: Modelling Effects of Cli-mate Change on Fish and Fisheries on 24 September 2016, Riga, Latvia, to discuss progress on projection modelling of climate impacts on fish and fisheries. The workshop was attended by 16 scientists from 6 nations. The workshop was chaired by Anne Hol-lowed (USA, PICES), Myron Peck (Germany, ICES), John Pinnegar (UK, ICES) and Mark Payne (DK, ICES). The workshop was organized as a PI meeting to discuss ongoing modelling efforts by different regional modelling nodes. The meeting is part of the roadmap of activities defined at a previous workshop in Seattle WA, USA (August 2015). The roadmap includes identifying regional modelling nodes, aligning common future scenarios (i.e., representative fishing pathways, broader “PESTLE” scenarios, etc.), pro-ducing and comparing projections within and among regions, and publishing results soon enough (late 2018) for uptake by writing teams of sixth Assessment Report of the IPCC. This WKSICCME1 workshop discussed: i) ongoing regional projects, ii) common future scenarios, iii) the global ‘FishMIP’ program, and iv) advancements in short-term environmental and biological forecasting.


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