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Report of the ICES advisory committee on marine pollution, 1986

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posted on 1987-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES

The Advisory Committee on Marine Pollution (ACMP)

was established by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea with the task of formulating, on behalf of the Council, scientific advice on marine pollution and its effects on living resources to the Member Governments and to Regulatory Commissions. In its work, the ACMP considers, among other things, the results of work carried out in relevant ICES Working Groups (which also report to their respective Standing Committees during the annual Statutory Meetings). It is a firm procedure within the Council that reports of other subsidiary bodies concerned with pollution matters must pass the ACMP. The ACMP consists of a number of scientists acting - when they work as Committee members - in their personal capacity as scientists, responsible only to the Council. The membership of the Committee is such that it covers a wide range of expertise related to studies of marine pollution. The members do not act as national representatives. The 1986 membership of the Committee is found on page iv.


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ICES. 1987. Report of the ICES advisory committee on marine pollution, 1986 . ICES Cooperative Research Report, Vol. 142. 136 pp.

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