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Report of the International O-Group Survey in Faroe Waters

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posted on 1978-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
Two countries participated in the International 0-group surveys at Farces in 1978. The French research-ship "Thalassa" covered the strata 1 and 2 from 14 to 24 May. This cruise was mainly directed toward saithe. The Faroese research-vessel "Jens Chr. Svabo" covered the same two strata in late June and first half of July. This cruise is especially directed toward cod, haddock, norway pout and sandeel. Summaries of the catches in the two cruises are given in the tables and table 10 summarizes the results of the 5 years cruises of the Faroese research vessel. The cruises for saithe in May have only gone on for 2 years. For all the main species catches were high in 1978 expect for sandeel. Besides the main species, catches of "other species" are given in tables and it has especially to be noted that herring,for the first time since the cruises _started,is quite common in the catches especially in the catches of R/S "Tha­lassa".


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