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Report of the Joint EU / ICES Workshop on the Regional Database (WKRDB)

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posted on 2023-01-04, 07:25 authored by ICESICES

The International Regional Database Steering Group (SGRDB) decided on its meeting the 1st of December 2011 to carry out three workshops to support the use of FishFrame as the tool for providing input data to assessment working groups and others. This workshop was the second and the purpose was to work and get experience with the data upload modules in FishFrame. The WK was supposed to be used as a support for the data uploading prior to the RCMs in the autumn. The workshop was open for participants from all regions. 


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29 May – 1 June 2012; Copenhagen

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ICES. 2012. Report of the Workshop on the Regional Database (WKRDB), 29 May – 1 June, ICES HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark. ICES CM/ACOM:64. 20 pp.