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Report of the Mackerel Working Group

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At the 67th Statutory Meeting it was decided (C.Res.1979/2:41) that "the Mackerel Working Group (Chairman: M. J. C. Gueguen) should meet at ICES Headquarters 28 April - 3 May 1980 to:

1) assess the mackerel stocks in Sub-areas III, IV, VI, VII, and VIII,

2) further consider the area and time period during which the fishery in Sub-area VI should be closed to protect the North Sea stock,

3) re-examine the period and area of closure in Sub-area VII to reduce the fishing mortality on juvenile fish.

The Working Group was specifically asked· by the Chairman of ACFM to:

- reconsider the whole question of the distribution of small fish (i.e. below 30 cm) in the area around Cornwall in order to provide support for any recommendation for a closed season in that area;

- reconsider the question of the origin of mackerel caught in the winter fishery in Division VIa in relation to the time and area which should be closed to mackerel fishing; 

- reconsider the problem of discarding and possibly give more reliable estimates of discards.


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ICES. 1980. Report of the Mackerel Working Group. ICES CM 1979 / H:7. 48 pp.