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Report of the Mackerel Working Group

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posted on 18.11.2022, 14:02 authored by ICESICES

At the 69th Statutory Meeting in Woods Hole, USA, it wae deoided (C.Res.1981/2:21:10) that the Mackerel Working Group (Chairman: MJ Guéguen) should meet at ICES headquarters 14-21 April 1982 to:

1) asess the etats of the mackerel stocks in Subareas II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII and IX and provide management options for 1983,

2) assess the effects of a 40 mm minimum mesh size for trawl gears for mackerel,

3) examine the relationship between Sub-area IX mackerel and the Western area stock (Sub-areas VI-VIII),

4) consider the data base for doing assessments of horse mackerel, with particular reference to Sub-areas VII, VIII and IX,

5) specify deficiencies in data required for assessments.

In addition, the Group was asked by ACFM to consider the situation in recent years regarding the effects of areae/seasonal closures.


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ICES. 1982. Report of the Mackerel Working Group. ICES CM 1982 / Assess:11. 81 pp. https://doi.org/10.17895/ices.pub.19260419