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Report of the Mackerel Working Group

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At the 7lst Statutory Meeting in Gothenburg it was decided (C.Res.l983/2:8:ll) that the Mackerel Working Group (Chairman: Dr E D Anderson) should meet at ICES headquarters from 28 February to 6 March 1984 to:

i) consider the report of the ad hoc Group on Mackerel Egg Surveys,

ii) assess catch options for the mackerel stocks in Sub-areas II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII and IX inside safe biological limits in 1985,

iii) continue the examination of the relationship between Sub-area IX mackerel and the Western area stock (Sub-areas VI-VIII),

iv) review the data available to assess the state of the horse mackerel in Sub-areas VII, VIII and IX,

v) take into account the levels of predation mortality implied by the results of the stomach sampling project,

vi) analyse the effect of changes in the data sets of weight at age and age at first maturity on the time series of stock and spawning stock biomass.

In addition, relative to the ACFM recommendation that fishing for mackerel should be banned in Division VIa north of 58°N during the period l November to 30 April as a conservation measure for the North Sea stock, the Group was asked by the Chairman of ACFM to:

l) provide on a monthly basis estimates of the proportion of mackerel of North Sea stock origin in the area to which the ACFM recommendation applies,

2) assess quantitatively the effects of the recommendation on the evolution of the North Sea stock under the following conditions:

a) closure through the period recommended by ACFM,

b) closure from l December to 30 April,

c) closure from 1 to 31 December and from 1 March to 30 April.


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ICES. 1984. Report of the Mackerel Working Group. ICES CM 1984 / Assess:1. 66 pp.