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Report of the Mackerel Working Group

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At the 12nd Statutory Meeting in Copenhaqen it was decided (C.Res.1984/2:4:2) that the Mackerel Working Group (Chairman: Dr E D Anderson) should meet at ICES headquarters from 18 February to 21 February 1985 to:

i) evaluate data on the rate of mixinq between the North Sea and Western stock of mackerel in Divisions IIa-Vb, IVa, and VIa,

ii) assess catch options for the mackerel stocks in Subareas II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII inside safe biological limits in 1986,

iii) analyse the discrepancy between the egg survey and VPA estimates of the North Sea stock and review past practice when making assumptions on recruitment levels used in the forecasts,

iv) specify data required to assess the effect of the closed area for mackerel off southwest England (Cornish box) in preparation for the review of the regulations scheduled for 1986.ion not yet available


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