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Report of the Mackerel working Group

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posted on 21.11.2022, 11:08 authored by ICESICES

At the 76th Statutory Meeting in Bergen, it was decided (C.Res. 1988/2:4:3) that the Mackerel Working Group (Chairman: S.A. Iversen) should meet at ICES Headquarters from 27 February - 7 March 1989 to:

a) assess the status of and provide catch options for 1990 within safe biological limits for the mackerel stocks and management units in Sub-areas lI-IX (including the mackerel in Divisions Vlllc and lXa);

b) provide an analysis of all available quantitative information [numbers caught (commercial and research) and percentage contribution] pertaining to the distribution and relative abundance of juvenile mackerel by season and by as fine an area breakdown as possible to provide a basis for evaluating the need to modify the boundaries of the mackerel box;

c) consider, in detail, the practicality of a 30-cm minimum landing size for mackerel;

d) provide quarterly catch-at-age and catch and stock mean weight-at-age data and information on the relative distribution at different ages by quarter for North Sea mackerel for 1988 as input for the multispecies VPA, and provide information on the likely level of Western stock mackerel which are seasonally present in the North Sea.

In a telex (16 February 1989) from the Chairman of ACFM, the Working Group was asked to consider new information on the distribution of mackerel in the North Sea. This should be looked at with special reference to the recommendations given for recent years that "any catches taken in Division IVa should in so far as possible be taken in the northern and western part of this Division".Description not yet available


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