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Report of the Meeting of the North-East Arctic Fisheries Working Group

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posted on 1970-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
At its mooting in January 1969 the Group reviewed previous assessments of the north-cast Arctic fisheries and in order to assist NEAFC in their. consideration of tho regulation of fishing mortality in this area, at a further meeting in February 1969 it prepared estimates of the catch that might be taken in tho period 1969-71.· After consideration of the Report by NEAFC and ICES the Group was asked by ICES (C.Res.1969/2:4) to moot again to update those earlier estimates of future catches in the light of the most recent developments in tho fishery. During the year the Group had reviewed the post 1946 data for the cod and haddock fisheries, which are necessary to prepare the required ostiraatos of catches in 1970-71. These depend upon estimates of the absolute stock size in 1969, future changes in fishing mortality, and the number of juvenile fish recruiting to the fisheries.


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