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Report of the North Western Working Group (NWWG), Sec 8

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posted on 2023-06-15, 06:26 authored by ICESICES

The total catch of S. marinus in Divisions Va and Vb and in the Sub-areas VI and XIV has decreased from about

130,000 t in 1982 to about 40,00 and 39,000 t in 1997 and 1998, respectively (Table 8.1.1). This decline of about 70%

over this period has been continuous but with few exceptions. Since 1990, catches have decreased from about 67,000 t or about 45%. The relative highest decline in last years occurred in area Va (Table 8.1.1). Catches of S. marinus in Division Va have declined from 63,000 t in 1990 to only 34,000 t in 1996, a 55% reduction. The catch in 1998 was about 37,000 t. The decline in the catch in 1994 was at least partly due to area closures imposed

on the fishery by Iceland in order to reduce the catches of S. marinus. The catches in 1995 increased again to

approximately 42,000 t despite the area closures. The catches in 1996-1998 are the lowest catch of S. marinus in Va since 1978. The length distributions in the Icelandic landings in 1989-1997 along with measurements at sea from the commercial trawler fleet are shown in Figure 8.1.1. The location and number of measured fishes by statistical square is given in Figure 8.1.2.


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