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Report of the Pandalus Assessment Working Group (WGPAND)

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posted on 2023-05-22, 08:27 authored by ICESICES

Estimates of predator abundance from surveys:

a) It is not clear why area 5 is excluded from calculating total biomass indices. Compared with other excluded areas, area 5 has observations in most years presented.

b) For the calculation of the predator abundance indices for the SPP model, the WG should also consider usage of the swept area method (as is used to calculate the survey indices) to calculate predator indices instead of using simple averages.

c) Trends in predator indices are not always in accordance with trends observed in the biomass of the stock (e.g. compare trends in predator index of cod with trends in biomass of this stock, as estimated by the WGNSSK). This should be further investigated.


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