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Report of the Planning Group for Herring Surveys

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posted on 2023-06-19, 08:37 authored by ICESICES

The planning group for herring survcys will meet in Aberdcen, UK, from 24 to 28 Fcbruary 1997 to:

a) Coordinate the timing and area allocation of, and methodologics for, acoustic and larvae surveys for herring

in the North Sea Divisions VIa and lIla, and the Western Baltic;

b) Combine the survey data to provide estimates of abundance for the populations within the area;

c) Evaluate the usefulnes~ ofthe herring acoustic time scrics with respect to North Sea assessment;

d) Discuss the outcome of studies of the consequences of reduccd effort and area covcrage for the herring larvae


e) Define future data proccssing nceds for combining proposed acoustic and larvae surveys data from different

countries and whcre this should be carricd out over the next few years;

f) Develop a proposal for a survcy plan for acoustic and larvae surveys which wiII provide data required far

future North Sea assessments.


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