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Report of the Planning Group on Aerial and Acoustic Surveys for Mackerel

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posted on 2004-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
a)coordinate the timing and area allocation and methodologies for acoustic and aerial surveys for mackerel in the NEA;b)collate and evaluate the data collected by the aerial surveys, fishing- and research vessels in the Norwegian Sea during the summer and autumn of 2003;c)coordinate acoustic surveys within the North Sea-Shetland area to ensure full coverage and appropriate areas and timing;d)combine the October-November 2003 survey data of abundance and distribution of mackerel within the North Sea-Shetland area;e)identify participants to contribute to the aerial surveys for mackerel in the Norwegian Sea and coordinate collaboration between vessels;f)combine the summer 2003 aerial survey data with vessels data of distribution of mackerel in the Norwegian Sea;g)seek survey time for northward extension of acoustic surveys in ICES Subareas VIII and IX;h)consider the latest findings from the SIMFAMI project;i)identify surveys which are not targeted at mackerel, but which may have potential use for the estimation of mackerel distribution and abundance;j)develop protocols and criteria to ensure standardisation of all sampling tools and survey gears.


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