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Report of the Planning Group on the HAC Data Exchange Format (PGHAC)

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posted on 2009-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The Planning Group on HAC Data Exchange Format [PGHAC] worked by corres-pondence in 2008 and reported to the Working Group on Fisheries Acoustic Science and Technology [WGFAST] at its annual meeting in Ancona, Italy on 20 May 2009.Progress on the terms of reference for 2008 was presented to WGFAST with the fol-lowing key points:• The format has remained unchanged in 2008 and 2009, updated version of CRR 278 from October 2007 is available on request to PGHAC chair.• A survey was conducted in May 2009 in order to report on the use of HAC format within ICES community. The format is recognized as a standard which also gives guidelines for proper acquisition of hydroacoustics data in order to observe ecosystems. Its use remains limited as it coexists with sounder manufacturer proprietary format. It is however the standard for exchanging data in science program and for national databases in several institutions.Discussion during WGFAST on future of PGHAC concluded that:• The PGHAC has no longer significant role for HAC development since the format is stable, the increase use of the format is in the hand of sounder manufacturers• Actual PGHAC chair Laurent BERGER will “keep an eye” on the format from WGFAST and the proposal is made that PGHAC would stop in 2009.


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