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Report of the Second Data Deficiency Coordination Meeting with the RACs (WKDDRAC2)

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In January WKDDRAC agreed that collaboration be ICES and RACs was important to address the data deficiencies that currently undermine the quantity and quality of assessments (ICES, 2011).  This first meeting defined the problem and types of data deficiencies and data needs, identified existing initiatives, discussed the need to involve key stakeholders, and explored the range of possible remedial measures.  Other issues touched upon at the first meeting included dealing with uncertainty and sim-pler assessment methods.
This follow up meeting combined interested participants from North Sea/North West Waters.  The meeting agenda was prepared by the ICES Secretariat Annex 1.  The meeting was very well attended, ~25 people (Annex 2), with a diverse stakeholder group participants included Member State Administrations (UK, SP, SW, FR), Fishing Industry Organisations, Chairs of WGHMM, WGCSE, WGNSSK, NS RCM and the EC form the DCF side and policy side.  Time was rather limited so discussions on the first day focused on the broad principles behind a collaborative approach.  It in-volved a brainstorming exercise exploring the problem, in order to define a role for task forces’ in the future and develop the approach to be taken on day 2.    On day two the group divided into a North Sea and Western Waters Subgroup.
The objective on day 2 of the workshop was to identify stock assessment in each RAC area which suffer from data deficiencies and consequently do not achieve “analytical” status, and to prioritize stocks of immediate concern based on the benchmarking schedule and stakeholders views.  Where possible the nature of the data problems, the groups (scientists, member state fisheries authorities or fisheries stakeholders) with principal responsibility for resolving specific problems and potential remedial actions were listed. 


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31 March–1 April 2011; Copenhagen

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ICES. 2011. Report of the Second Data Deficiency Coordination Meeting with the RACs (WKDDRAC2), 31 March–1 April 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark. ICES CM 2011/ACOM:60. 47 pp.

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