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Report of the Study Group on Discard and By-Catch Information

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posted on 2023-05-31, 11:55 authored by ICESICES

It was decided at the 87th Statutory Meeting in 1999 (C. Res. 1999/2ACFM05) to establish a Study Group on Discard and By-catch Information (SGDBI) under the chairmanship of J. Cotter (UK) to meet at ICES Headquarters from 20-22

March 2000 to:

a) prepare an inventory of all projects on collection of discard and by-catch information in the ICES area†, including documentation of the data sets, fleets and fisheries covered, and site where the data are held, including contact individual;

b) review pertinent information and provide guidance on protocols how to raise samples in the data sets to reflect

discards and/or by-catches of the corresponding fleets or fisheries;

c) consider the report of SGDIB* and update information as necessary.


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