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ICES as a fishery advisory body

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posted on 2023-05-16, 06:11 authored by David de G. Griffith

From the time of the first planning conference for ICES in Stockholm in 1899, the aim was to establish a scientific organization that would bring tangible benefits to commercial marine fisheries. ICES began to provide scientific advice to the governments of the Member Countries during its first year, and international management action resulting from this began to appear in 1907. Later, ICES included recommendations to protect whale stocks, and undertook to assist and advise the League of Nations on general issues of marine science. During the 1930s, further ICES work on technical conservation measures led to the 1937 International Convention for the Regulation of the Meshes of Fishing Nets and Size Limits for Fish. In 1953, ICES established the Liaison Committee to handle the formal provision of scientific advice to the Permanent Commission of the 1946 International Fisheries Convention, which was succeeded by the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission in 1963. In 1977, following the creation of 200-mile fishery limits in the North Atlantic, ICES established the Advisory Committee on Fishery Management (ACFM) to replace the old Liaison Committee. The 20th century was rounded off with the signing of a series of Memoranda of Understanding, and Exchange of Letters, with the partner commissions of ICES.

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