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Report of the Study Group on Multispecies Model Implementation in the Baltic

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posted on 2023-06-20, 11:44 authored by ICESICES

According to aresolution adopted at the 83rd Statutory Meeting held in Aalborg, Denmark in 1995 (C.Res. 199512:43) a Study Group on Multispecies Model lmplementation in the Baltic should be established and meet at lCES Headquarters from 4-10 Deeember 1996 to:

a) update basic input data and the stomach content data base to fill present gaps in area and time coverage using already existing and partly compiled stornach content data;

b) include cod cannibalism in the model for the Western Baltic;

c) assess the reliability of estimated predation mortalities of juvenile eod by critically reviewing the stomach compilation procedure adopted for the Central Baltie, the influence of possible feeding in the trawl and on discards as well as the time and area effect of stomach sampling in relation to the distribution of juvenile cod;

d) test the new 4M package and improve the program in respect to data entry and graphical output;

e) evaluate possibilities for tuning of MSVPAs.


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