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Report of the Study Group on the Life History and Assessment of Cephalopods

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posted on 2022-11-14, 11:16 authored by ICESICES

The present Study Group having met for two years, has now identified a new role involving an orientation which is more clearly expressed by the new title. The economic importance of cephalopod fisheries has grown rapidly in Europe, and the considerable new research now in progress in ICES member countries has featured prominently at recent ICES meetings, and in the work of the Study Group on Cephalopod Biology. The most important research is currently funded by the European Community's Research Programmes in the Fisheries Sector (FAR; AIR) which involves several ICES nations: Two international projects direct studies to elucidate the fishery potential and the dynamics and interactions of Northeast Atlantic squid stocks (Anon. 1991). This has enhanced ICES and given it recognition in the world cephalopod community. The Shellfish Committee endorses the view that the Study Group should now progress from a descriptive role to one of promoting serious thinking about assessment methods and the collection of fishery data in order to lay the foundation for future discussion about harvesting strategies and management. An informal meeting of cephalopod biologists during the 1993 Statutory Meeting suggests that because of its fishery management background ICES can play an important role in setting the necessary standards and criteria.
The meeting took place at the University College Cork. The Chairman welcomed the participants, and Dr Gavin Burnell from the Department of Zoology, University College Cork wished the Study Group an excellent atmosphere and a successful meeting. Local arrangements were perfectly organized and the Study Group appreciated the excellent and stimulating atmosphere in the College.


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Study Group on the Life History and Assessment of Cephalopods


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Cork, 29 September - 1 October 1993

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ICES. 1994. Report of the Study Group on the Life History and Assessment of Cephalopods, Cork, 29 September - 1 October 1993. ICES Expert Group Reports, CM 1994/K:7. 32 pp.

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