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Report of the WG on the Science Requirements to Support Conservation, Restoration and Management of Diadromous Species (WGRECORDS)

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WGRECORDS held an informal meeting on 6 June 2011, during the NASCO Annual Meeting in Ilillusat, Greenland. The annual meeting of WGRECORDS was held on 20 September 2011, during the ICES Annual Science Conference in Gdansk, Poland. The meetings were chaired by Ted Potter (UK) and attended by 16 participants from 11 countries.WGRECORDS was established to provide a forum for the co-ordination of work on diadromous species following the disbanding of the Diadromous Fish Committee. The role of the Group is to co-ordinate work on diadromous species, organise Expert Groups, Theme Sessions and Symposia, and help to deliver the ICES Science Plan.At the informal meeting in Ilillusat, initial discussions were held on the requirements for Expert Groups to address new and ongoing issues on Atlantic salmon including issues arising from the NASCO Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting received re-ports from all the ICES Expert Groups working on diadromous species, and consid-ered their progress and future requirements.


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