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Report of the Working Group on ADP Matters

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posted on 2023-08-21, 08:00 authored by ICESICES

At the 77th Statutory Meeting it was decided (C.Res.1989/2:8) that the working Group on ADP Matters (Chairman: Dr G. Stefansson, Iceland will meet at ICES Headquarters from 15-16 March 1990 to:

a) consider and comment on a report being prepared by the Secretariat staff describing its present and anticipated computer needs and containing a recommendation for a replacement computer system for ICES Headquarters;

b) consider and comment on a report to be prepared by a consultant who will be engaged to:

i) evaluate the computer needs and proposed replacement system identified by the Secretariat and, based on this,

ii) recommend the specific details and optimal configuration of such a system;

c) ensure that compatibility and communication with computer systems in Member Country institutes and data centres is maintained in the recommended replacement system;

d) advise the Bureau of the outcome of its review of the above items and recommend an appropriate course of action.


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Working Group on ADP Matters


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