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Report of the Working Group on Biodiversity Science (WGBIODIV)

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posted on 2015-08-13, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
ToRs 2 and 3 were the direct result of a request for advice from OSPAR, which requiredan urgent response. At the first meeting therefore, these ToRs were accorded priority.Attention was directed primarily towards ToR 2 parts (a) to (d). WGBIODIV did not feelthat they were the most appropriate group to deal with ToR 2 (e), which they felt wasbetter addressed by WGs such as WGISUR. In 2013 WGBIODIV did not feel that they hadsufficient time, or the appropriate scientific expertise, to address ToR 3, and again feltthat this was better addressed by WGISUR. ToR 2 parts (a) and (d) are addressed in section2 of the report. ToR 1 part (c) and ToR 2 parts (b) and (c) are addressed in section 3.ToR 1 part (a) is addressed in section 4. And finally, Tor 1 parts (b) and (d), and ToR 4,are addressed in section 5.


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