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Report of the Working Group on Environmental Interactions of Mariculture

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posted on 2023-06-19, 06:38 authored by ICESICES

Some confusion occurred among WG members about the timing of this WG meeting. Originally, we asked ICES to announce the meeting for 7 to 11 March 1998 in Esbjerg. This was not granted. Instead, the Mariculture Committee and/or the Consultative Cornmittee decided to have the meeting between 3 and 7 March (see Council Resolution 2.26). Since the new dates require to start the meeting in the middle of the week, it would have been impossible to accommodate the site visit planned by the hoet country which can only take pIace during the weekend. While some members (including the Chairman) had also long-standing commitments around these dates, it was decided (by phone and partially by correspondence) to move the meeting an additional three days ahead, to include the weekend which would also permit overseas participants to use the cheaper February APEX fairs.


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