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Report of the Working Group on Fish Ecology (WGFE)

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posted on 2012-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
In 2012, WGFE (Working Group on Fish Ecology, Chaired by: R van Hal) met at the University Ca’Foscari, Venice Italy, 22-26 October. Six participants from four different countries, 4 present in Venice and 2 by correspondence, contributed to the meeting. The meeting was held jointly with the meeting of WGSAM, which resulted in that most plenaries by WGSAM were attended by the WGFE members present and that the members of WGFE contributed to the report of WGSAM, especially related to the ToRs c on stomachs and e on MSFD.Owing to the small number of participants, WGFE, besides the contributions to WGSAM, only worked on their own ToR a on applying spatial methods. This is an extension of the case studies mentioned in the 2011 report.ToR b was discussed with WGSAM as this group is now running the Size-Based-model used in 2009 by WGFE as well as other Size-based-models. There have been changes to the spatial aspects in the North Sea size-based-model and WGSAM is re-porting on results of the model. It is considered best that WGSAM will continue us-ing these models and that the ToR no longer will be dealt with by WGFE.WGFE has had problems with a reducing number of participants in the last years with the smallest number of four participants this year. Last year and also prior and during the meeting this issue was discussed and the conclusion is that the current group sees no solution for this. Therefore it is considered best to dissolve the group especially because the group recognizes that many of their original and potential fu-ture ToRs are dealt with in other (temporary) groups.


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