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Report of the Working Group on Harp and Hooded Seals (WGHARP) - Intersessional work of a modelling subgroup

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posted on 2022-07-21, 08:23 authored by ICESICES

Report from intersessional work by correspondence of a WGHARP modeling subgroup. Three papers were received from members and this report summarizes their findings:

  • Korzhev V.A. (2004) Estimation of sensitivity of model of dynamics of number for White Sea/ Barents Sea harp seals to entrance parameters, PINRO, Murmansk, June, 2004. (Included as Appendix 1) 
  • Harbitz, A. (2004a). Senitivity analysis 181104. (Included as Appendix 2) 
  • Harbitz,  A.  (2004b)  Sensitivity  of  White  Sea  /Barents  Sea  harp  seal  numbers  with  respect  to  model  parameters.


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