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Report of the Working Group on North Sea Roundfish

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posted on 1981-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
Tasks: assess TACs for 1982 for cod, haddock and whiting in Sub­areas IV, VI and VII (excluding Divisions VIIa, f and g), advise on appropriate minimum mesh size for cod, haddock and whiting if fished in a single-species fishery in Sub-area IV, reexamine the appropriate mesh sizes for NEAFC Recommendation l fisheries in Sub-area VI in the light of previous recommendations of ICES on this subject, and bearing in mind the enforcement problems of a differential in minimum mesh size between Sub-areas IV and VI, assess the effects of an increase in mesh size to 80 mm in Divisions VIId,e, look at the information available on haddock and cod stocks in Division VIb with the aim of carrying out. an analytical assessment of these stocks, if this is possible, estimate the species composition of by-catches in the Pandalus borealis fisheries and advise on an appropriate by-catch limit


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