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Report of the Working Group on Phytoplankton Ecology

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posted on 2023-06-19, 12:03 authored by ICESICES

The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Prof. Franciscus Colijn at 9.00 hours on 24 March 1997. The chairman welcomed the participants of the Working Group Meeting to his institute and as the Director of the Institute gave abrief overview on the tasks of the Institute. The meeting was attended by 8 scientists representing 6 countries. Although this amount of scientists for a working group meeting is disappointing, no long discussion was held to see whether there are specific reasons for the low attendance. One reason is probably that currently more interest is given by member countries (or scientists) to attend the WG HAllO, because it covers more politically interesting topies (see below). However, the chairman after a short discussion, promised to wTite leiters to some national delegates to ask for attendance and collaboration in the WGPE. A list of participants is given in Annex 2. The chairman presented the agenda, which was left unchanged by the Working Group.


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