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Report of the Working Group on Recruitment Processes

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posted on 2023-07-13, 09:22 authored by ICESICES

At the 1991 ICES Statutory l\leeting, resolution 2:48 was adopted as follows: The Working Group on Recruitment Processes (Chairman: Dr M Heath, UK) will meet in Fuengirola, Spain from 23-26 June 1992 to:

a) report on the results of the otolith microstructure intercalibration exercise to be prepared by Dr S Campana (Canada) and Dr E Moksness (Norway);

b) report on the convening of the otolith microstructure workshop organised by Dr Campana and Dr Moksness;

c) explore the experimental aspects ofsize-specific theory in the modelling component of recruitment processes;

d) review field and experimental evidence for a relationship between growth and mortality rates in eggs, larvae, and juvenile fish;

e) review the statistical basis for determining growth trajectories of individual fish from otolith microstructure;

f) prepare, in collaboration with the Steering Group on Cod and Climate Change, a manuscript (to be authored by Mr J Nichols, UK) on the synthesis of information contained in the checklists of spawning characteristics of cod and haddock, with a view to identifying underlying principles of recruitment variability


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