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Report of the Working Group on the Assessment of the Stocks of Sardine, Horse Mackerel, and Anchovy

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At the 78th ICES Statutory Meeting in Copenhagen in 1990, it was decided (C.Res. 1990/2:5: 17) that the Working Group on the Assessment of the Stocks of Sardine, Horse Mackerel and Anchovy (Chairman: Mr A. Eltink, the Netherlands) will meet at ICES Headquarters from 18-27 June 1991 to:

a) evaluate any new information available for defining stock units of horse mackerel;

b) assess the status of and provide catch options for 1992 within safe biological limits for the stocks of sardine in Divisions VIllc and IXa, horse mackerel in Sub-areas IV, VII and VIII and Divisions IIa, lIla, VIa, and IXa, and anchovy in Sub-area VIII. In addition to the above terms of reference, the Chairman of the ACFM addressed a specific request to the Working Group based on a discussion on Anchovy in Sub-area VIII during the ACFM meeting in October-November 1990 (see Section 7.15 of lCES C.M.1990/Assess:24). The Working Group should:

c) evaluate the possibilities and biological implications of introducing a minimum landing size to protect a-group and I-group anchovy and/or a limited or delayed fishing period to protect the anchovy spawning stock biomass at the beginning of the spawning season. An ACFM proposal for re-arrangement of ICES Assessment Working Groups has been drafted in the form of a recommendation to be submitted to the Consultative Committee for consideration at the 1991 Statutory Meeting. The Working Group is requested to:

d) comment on this proposal as it relates to the Working Group and to consider and advise on the necessity and possibility to produce reliable annual updates of the assessments for all stocks incorporated within their terms of reference. Following a resolution, proposed by ACFM at the ACFM Consultations in October 1990, and adopted by the Council at the 1990 Statutory Meeting (C. Res. 1990/2:5:31): ACFM Consultations will take place for two full days before the 1991 Statutory Meeting and participation will be extended to include Chairmen of Assessment Working Groups or their designees to:

e) discuss proposals from ACFM for re-arrangement of Assessment Working Groups;

f) develop terms of reference for Assessment Working Groups for 1992.


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