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Report of the Working Group on the Statistical Aspects of Environmental Monitoring (WGSAEM)

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posted on 2023-05-16, 10:21 authored by ICESICES

Specific tasks for the 2003 WGSAEM meeting (C. Res. 2002/2E02) are to:

a) review the results of an analysis of a data set carried out intersessionally, including analyses based on n-MDS and/or some other ordination method as well as a multivariate analysis of variance; these analyses should be carried out on biological community data that are suspected to have a relatively low seasonal variability or by selecting data from, e.g., a specific month;

b) review and amend, as necessary, procedures for conducting temporal trend assessments of data on contaminants in biota and sediments, including procedures relevant to the quality control of such data;

c) develop methodology for joint assessments of input data and data on contaminants in biota and sediments;

d) continue work on statistical aspects in relation to the development of environmental indicators and classifications;

e) develop smoothers for use in the trend analysis of monthly and quarterly data on inputs of nutrients and contami-nants to the marine environment;

f) review and comment on the results of an analysis of a suite of biological effects and contaminant data;

g) review the relevant aspects of the implementation table of the OSPAR Joint Assessment and Monitoring Pro-gramme and indicate activities that could be proposed to be carried out by WGSAEM;

h) develop appropriate sampling schemes for the detection of hot spots of contamination in the marine environment.


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