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Report of the Working Group on the Statistical Aspects of Environmental Monitoring (WGSAEM)

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posted on 2023-04-04, 07:49 authored by ICESICES

Specific tasks for the 2006 WGSAEM meeting (2005/2/MHC02) are:

a ) develop and review tools for assessing and improving quality assurance of the data generating process;

b ) provide further advice on methods for temporal, spatial, and integrated assessments of contaminants in biota, contaminants in sediments and biological effects and inputs;

c ) continue work on statistical aspects in the development of environmental indicators and classifications;

d ) review of the OSPAR draft guidelines on frequency and spatial coverage of monitoring [OSPAR 2006/1];

e ) specify access needed and request implementation by ICES Data Centre;

f ) specify any data for removal from database and request Data Centre to remove data.


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