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Report of the Workshop on DEveloping Integrated AdviCE for Baltic Sea ecosystem-based fisheries management (WKDEICE2)

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posted on 2017-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The Second ICES Workshop on DEveloping Integrated AdviCE for Baltic Sea ecosys-tem-based fisheries management (WKDEICE2) aimed to develop ways to include en-vironmental and economic considerations into ICES advice on Baltic Sea fish stocks from operational and structural perspectives. The WKDEICE2 meeting was held in Gdynia, Poland, on 19–21 June 2017, with 11 participants from six countries and was chaired by Rudi Voss (Germany) and Maciej T. Tomczak (Sweden).Focusing on the ICES advisory framework WKDEICE2 addressed three main topics:1. developing a strategy and corresponding ICES structures for integrating envi-ronmental and economic information into ICES advice on Baltic fish stocks;2. exploring potential ways to include economics, specifically ecological-economic modelling, in integrated advice;3. conducting short-term projections informed by environmental and economic conditions to illustrate the added value of integrated advice.


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