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Report of the Workshop on Marine Biodiversity (WKMARBIO)

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posted on 2011-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
In order to ensure that ICES work remains current and correctly focussed in a chang‐ing policy environment, ICES has established a Strategic Initiative on Biodiversity Advice and Science. This initiative seeks to build on ICES existing capacity to further develop the profile, relevance, influence and use of biodiversity science and advice. The 2011 ICES Workshop on Marine Biodiversity was a contribution to the Strategic Initiative. From 9–11 February 2011, 38 participants from 14 countries met at ICES, Copenha‐gen. The participants included representatives of global, regional and national or‐ganisations with responsibility for the development and/or implementation of biodiversity policy met as well as biodiversity scientists and scientific advisors. They were tasked to identify policy drivers, scope issues and solutions relating to biodiver‐sity science and advice and to suggest a future work plan to develop biodiversity sci‐ence and advice in ICES. The workshop was informed by answers to a questionnaire distributed  to  ICES  customer  organisations  and  all  ICES  Member  Countries  in  ad‐vance of the meeting


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