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Report of the Workshop on Marine Strategy Framework Directive 1 - Descriptor 3+ (WKMSFD1 D3)

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This is a short report of the first workshop in a process leading to a technical/scientific ICES report aiming to support EU Member States (MS) in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The process will focus on Descriptor 3 (D3), commercially exploited fish and shellfish, but  fisheries-related information relevant for the other Descriptors will also be identified and reported on.  The work is led by a small Core Group of experts and, outputs of this and a second workshop involving regional case studies undertaken by the Core Group, will be used in pre-paring a final report. The final report will describe the process, assessment method-ologies and the key issues and decisions, as well as their implications for defining GES and environmental targets and indicators for D3.  
ICES is undertaking this work on its own initiative. The output will not be ICES ad-vice but, based on the best data and science available to ICES, will show worked examples on how the requirements of the MSFD with respect to D3 can be fulfilled. The final report will be prepared by the Core Group.
The first workshop was attended by 34 participants representing 12 countries and the European Commission (EC), the European Environment Agency (EEA), the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Regional Seas Conventions (RSC), HELCOM and OSPAR. One NGO was also represented. A list of participants is provided in Annex 1.
The objective of the first Workshop was to scope the relevant approaches and con-cepts in relation to D3. In addition, it initiated discussions and considered the relevance of using fisheries data, surveys and science when assessing the status of other descriptors, in particular D1, D4 and D6, in relation to GES.  


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4-8 July 2011; Copenhagen, Denmark

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ICES. 2011. Report of the Workshop on Marine Strategy Framework Directive1 - Descriptor 3+ (WKMSFD1 D3), 4-8 July 2011, ICES Headquarters, Denmark. ICES CM 2011/ACOM:58. 44 pp.

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