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Report of the Workshop on Operational Oceanographic Products (WKOOP)

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posted on 2023-03-10, 08:05 authored by ICESICES

The  Workshop  on  Operational  Oceanographic  Products  (WKOOP)  met  at  ICES  Headquarters in Copenhagen, 8‐9 April 2008 to discuss the need for concerted action on bringing the producers of operational oceanographic products together with the potential users from the ICES community. After reviewing the existing products and programmes and discussing the potential requirements of users, WKOOP concluded that  swift  progress  is  needed  to  stimulate  communication  between  producers  and  users. This is needed to enable products to be tailored to users needs. The ICES users are expected to be engaged in both the scientific and advisory roles of ICES. There are many  products  already  available  of  which  most  of  the  wider  ICES  community  still  seems unaware. Thus WKOOP recommended the formation of a new ICES working group to bring both the producers and users of operational oceanographic products together.  The  name  of  the  group  should  include  elements  from  the  producers  and  users,  thus  the  ICES  Working  Group  of  Operational  Oceanographic  products  for Fisheries and Environment [WGOOFE] was chosen.


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8-9 April 2008; Copenhagen

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