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Report of the Workshop on Spatial Analyses for the Baltic Sea (WKSPATIAL)

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posted on 2016-02-15, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The ICES Workshop on Spatial Analyses for the Baltic Sea (WKSPATIAL) met in Rome, Italy, 3–6 November 2015 (Chairs: Michele Casini, Sweden, and Stefan Neuen-feldt, Denmark), with 15 participants and 6 countries represented.WKSPATIAL was held as continuation of the Study Group on Spatial Analyses for the Baltic Sea (SGSPATIAL) that terminated its 3-year mandate in 2014. The broad aims of WKSPATIAL were to 1) continue investigating the cod stomach contents from the EU tender with particular emphasis on the spatio-temporal changes, the relation to prey availability and environmental condition, and the link to cod growth/condition; 2) start investigating the spatio-temporal relation between zoo-plankton and pelagic fish stomach content in the Gulf of Riga, and 3) continue inves-tigating the small-scale properties of fish spatial distribution, as pelagic fish schools characteristics (size, density, distance, etc.). Aims n°1 and 2 were fulfilled, whereas aim n°3 could not be realized because of the lack of expertize in the group attending the Workshop.


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