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Report of the Workshop on Understanding the Impacts and Consequences of Ocean Acidification for Commercial Species and End-users (WKACIDUSE)

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posted on 2018-01-15, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The meeting was structured on the seven WKACIDUSE ToRs. These aimed to:1 ) Provide scientific evidence to support demonstration advice (e.g. what type of infor-mation will be needed as evidence for decision making) to inform end-users. Overall there is a pressing need to translate existing information to dedicated advice to make long-term investments decisions;2 ) Examine existing evidence from an ‘objective basis’ what is the reality of the OA effects and potential consequences (considering the effects of single or multiple stressors);3 ) Provide further understanding on what are the current ‘prevailing conditions’ (spatio-temporal scales and context setting to understand local variability of exposure) to place into context specie’s responses;4 ) Deliver an assessment for potential for adaptation from commercial species (consider-ing phenology, physiology, behaviour and genetics);5 ) Understand what will be the consequences for end-users and who could be likely to be affected (answering the “so what question?”);6 ) Suggest practical solutions for end-users to prepare and adapt to potential ocean acidi-fication effects in conjunction with combined multiple stressors effects;7 ) Discuss the best way to continue to support ICES/PICES and OSPAR/HELCOM this ar-ea (e.g. setting up an ocean acidification Working Group to summarise the ‘state of the art’ science to support advisory requests).


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