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Report of the Workshop on Zooplankton Taxonomy (WKZT)

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After introductory remarks from the Chair and a welcome from Dr Chris Reid (Director SAHFOS), the meeting started with two lucid and authoritative presentations by Geoff Boxshall. The first of these was a summary of the primitive features of Copepoda and how comparative morphological studies of modifications of these had provided the basis for copepod taxonomy. For example, fusion modifies the numbers of body segments or segments in appendages but the numbers of original segments can still be traced, for example by the setae and aesthetascs on the antennule. The second presentation was on the pelagic non-calanoid copepods. The position of these in the taxonomy of their groups was outlined, methods and references for the identification of the genera were described, including recent and ongoing taxonomic reviews of the genera. The practical session was principally dedicated to examining and discussing the
identification of the non-calanoids.


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10–13 June 2003; Plymouth, UK