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Report of the Workshop on salmon tagging archive (WKSTAR)

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posted on 2012-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The Workshop on Salmon Tagging Archive (WKSTAR), chaired by Lars Petter Han-sen, worked by correspondence in 2010/2011 and met at ICES Headquarters, Copen-hagen, Denmark, on the 19–21 June 2012. The purpose of the Workshop was to ensure that the data compiled by the previous Workshops (WKDUHSTI, WKSHINI and WKLUSTRE) are fully archived and documented before they are lost. It was ex-pected to result in the preparation of a Cooperative Research Report and peer-reviewed publications. The Workshop developed an outline for a Cooperative Re-search Report. In addition, one paper based on the data were presented at the at the NASCO/ICES Salmon Symposium held in La Rochelle, France in October 2011, and a range of analyses have subsequently been incorporated into two papers published in ICES Journal of Marine Science in November 2012.The Workshop undertook further checking and tidying of the tag recovery databases for Faroes and Greenland to identify, correct and resolve various anomalies in the datasets. Both Greenland and Faroes databases were updated, but there is still lack of some information. It was agreed that key scientists should be asked to consult with the “data owners” in the countries that have provided records of tag recoveries to obtain permission to include the data in the ICES database. This was organized by the chair, and all data holders granted permission to develop the database.


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