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Report of the Workshop to Define the Ocean Observing Needs for ICES (WKOOI)

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posted on 2012-01-01, 00:00 authored by ICESICES
The general aim of the workshop was to determine whether ICES needs a more coor-dinated Ocean Observing effort? And if yes, what does this effort look like and what steps are needed to make it happen? The specific goals are 1) to develop a clear conclusion to pass onto SCICOM regard-ing the questions above and 2) to end with a draft report that is almost ready for submission to ICES. First, the workshop participants determined that ICES definitely needs a more coor-dinated approach. Second, a framework for an ICES ocean observing strategy was developed. This framework recognizes ICESs role in developing single-species and ecosystem-based assessments. The information challenges to support these products are daunting. Seven activities were identified: data collection, data management, coordination, integration and analysis, assessments, communication, and new tech-nologies. The general needs for each activity were identified. This framework was sent to SCICOM for comment and subsequently changed to address these comments. The final version is provided in Annex 5. Several next steps are defined. First, a WG is proposed to take this framework and develop a detailed strategy. This WG may focus on only a subset of the defined ac-tivities. Second, SCICOM needs to develop a governance structure for reviewing and making recommendations for changes to the observing systems in the North Atlantic. In this regard, ICES is a user of ocean observing information and must become ac-tively involved in developing an adaptive observing system that is applicable to changing needs and authorities, as well as to new technologies and understandings.


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