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Report on Otolith Exchange of European Hake

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posted on 2022-12-08, 07:47 authored by Carmen Piñeiro, Maria Saínza

At the last Hake Age estimation Workshop conducted in November, 2009 (WKAEH 2009, ICES 2010) it was recommended that a new otolith exchange be undertaken in order to build on the findings of the Workshop. It was proposed that the WebGR tool (which is available at would be used for reading and subsequent analysis. WebGR was developed to support the organization and data analysis of calibration workshops for both age and maturity information. The main goal of this exercise was to assess the impact of moving the interpretation criteria on precision. IEO was responsible for the organization and coordination of the exchange that started on the 6th of April and finished on the 30thof June of 2011.


• To analyse the results of the hake otolith exchange to check the precision and bias of readers when using the new guidelines described at the last workshop (WKAEH 2009).

• To test WebGR as an otolith exchange tool.



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